Key West Bight Marina 2019 Aquatic Guide 

The Key West Bight Marina provides visitors and locals with the perfect island escape while immersing themselves in the most inviting of atmospheres. It comes as no surprise that numerous visitors frequent the marina on a consistent basis every single year as the marina being one of the most sought-after places in Key West. Considering Florida practically has one consistent climate all year round, every day in paradise can be an amazing time to get out on the open waters. 

If you look closely, you’ll notice the majority of the boats docked at the Bight Marina are fully stocked on all the essentials for a fun and interactive day on the water. From fishing equipment and diving gear to paddle boards or even the most perfect kayak to explore the backcountry of Key West, each boat is ready to maximize the most of her time on the water. 

In an effort to save time and money, we have highlighted two of the most important items each boater has on board to help you do just that — Maxime the most of your time on the water while ensuring the equipment on board is practical and safe. 

Folding Kayaks 

Between the plush mangroves, clear blue water and America’s only living barrier reef; kayaks are Key West number one way of transportation on the open water. These folding kayaks are not only easy to transport and carry but you can stow them away with minimal effort. Typically, any folding kayak that you choose will be light in weight, have a high level of comfort and be built for spontaneity. We suggest you choose a kayak with a two-seat option. This will not only help maximize more time and space but ensure your day on the water is spent in good company as well. 

Inflatable Paddle Board

Another popular way to transport around the island and Bight Marina (aside from boating) is the use of inflatable paddle boards. These boards make for a smooth and stable ride on the water. Almost each inflatable paddle board comes equipped with a larger fin for increased speed and usually inflates to about six inches.  Floating high in the water makes fishing, sunbathing and/or exploring a safe option. Just like the folding kayak, these inflatable paddle boards are perfect for transporting and stowing away on a boat. Each inflatable paddle board comes with its own travel bag. Not to mention, they are the perfect way to see down to the ocean floor through our clear blue Key West waters. 

Our goal at the Key West Bight Marina is to help visitors and locals maximize their time while using our facility. We hope to have given you some insight as to what to keep in mind when thinking about your next adventure around the beautiful island of Key West.

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