We can’t wait to welcome everyone back to Bight Marina starting in just a few days! The health and safety of all boaters, guests, and employees is our highest priority, and we’ve compiled a list of some best practices for dock safety to ensure a fun and safe experience out on the water during this reopening phase.

Compliance with All Rules & Regulations

First and foremost, it is critical to stay up to date with current national, state, and local regulations and orders. All Florida Keys lodging establishments, including marinas, are permitted to open on June 1, 2020 at 50% capacity, but keep in mind that these rules may be adjusted if safety protocols are not followed. All dock employees will be aware of these new rules in order to provide guests with the confidence they need to feel safe resuming these activities.

Safe Interaction with Customers, Employees, and Fellow Boaters

Chief among these safety protocols at Bight Marina include maintaining social distancing, wearing appropriate face coverings and gloves when needed, and being fully stocked with hand sanitizer and other disinfectant products. Dockhands should be encouraged to use mooring hooks and radio incoming boats before providing assistance, as this will make it easier to socially distance. Interaction with customers should be limited to the extent possible, and this can be accomplished by having customers prepay electronically and providing key information and supplies outside employee facilities. 

Enhanced Sanitation & Cleaning Procedures

Bight Marina will be implementing enhanced sanitation procedures in compliance with CDC guidelines and all of our partners at the Key West Historic Seaport. Take some time to learn the rules and make sure that members of the public are likewise informed. For example, provide a cleaning schedule and an overview of your current sanitation process in areas where the public can easily view them, such as restrooms or entrance/exit areas. 

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