Love for Locals at Bight Marina: Frequently Asked Questions

Love for Locals at the Bight Marina: Frequently Asked Questions

With the recent kickoff of our Historic Seaport Love for Locals campaign, we want to make sure all visitors and prospective visitors find answers to some of the most frequently asked Bight Marina questions. Our goal is to ensure the answers below help guide you in planning the perfect excursion with us at the Bight Marina.

How Far Ahead Should I Make My Reservation?

As you know, the Bight Marina is perfectly situated in Old Town Key West, so it is highly recommended that you make your reservations as soon as possible. August and September are traditionally slower months and you are more likely to find availability. However, for peak season, the marina can be booked up to one or two years in advance. ​

What Is the Best Way to Make a Reservation?

The Bight Marina website,, allows users to access the reservation portal 24/7. Making online reservations easier than ever, you may now book your upcoming trip online. If you prefer to call, that’s perfectly fine, too! Dockmasters are available to speak to at (305)-809-3983.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

The Bight Marina requires guests to cancel their reservation one month prior to their arrival date if their reservation has been booked in the time of an event.  If there is no event going on at the time of your arrival, the Bight Marina asks you to cancel your reservation seven days prior to your arrival date. Most events are listed at the Key West Historic Seaport website.

If you should have any further questions, you may visit the Bight Marina’s website at or call one of our dockmasters directly at (305)-809-3983. 

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