Key West Bight Marina | Hurricane Preparedness Guide

The Atlantic hurricane season is a continuous event in the annual formation of tropical cyclones in the Northern Hemisphere. Starting June 1st through November 30th, some of the most popular travel months, hurricane season can wreak havoc on your travel plans. With the Key West Bight Marina being one of the most sought after marinas in all of Key West, our goal is to ensure each local and traveler alike are secure, knowledgeable, and well prepared for this upcoming hurricane season. We want to help maximize your hurricane-related travel concerns by helping you be prepared while you’re in town on vacation or docked at one of the slips at our Bight Marina.

According to Colorado State University, fifteen storms are predicted for this upcoming season. Out of those thirteen storms, they predict five of those storms will evolve into a hurricane and two of those hurricanes with be a category three to category five hurricane. Once a storm has developed, you’ll have fewer options in finding a plan that will meet all of you and your loved one’s needs. Below you can find a reliable guide and pertinent information in assisting you in an efficient hurricane plan and an effortless transition back to a fun and safe stay at the Key West Bight Marina.

Evaluate Your Surroundings

Before any course of action is taken, evaluate the storm-worthiness of the Bight Marina. The dockmasters at the marina are extremely knowledgeable and efficient in answering all your questions and concerns. Depending on the severity of the storm, boats are more than likely going to be exposed to breaking waves and storm surge. Our dockmasters can help in recommending you to the nearest storage facilities ashore. Their vast knowledge will help in guiding you to the nearest hurricane holes. Assess where you are docked prior to any major storm. Also, get to know the height of the docks at Bight Marina.

Develop a Hurricane Plan

Developing a “hurricane team” list is always beneficial as it will help hold and organize pertinent information in the event of an emergency. Compiling a written list of contact information for Bight Marina dockmasters, security guards, neighboring boat owners, and port officials is a good way to help keep peace of mind in the aftermath of a storm. It is also important to obtain the names of any alternate person who can prepare your boat in the event you are absent for when a storm is posted. Remember, when a storm is approaching, time is of the essence and it is important to speak to key staff now so you can have an idea of their schedule and availability prior to a storm.  They too will need to prepare their own home and surroundings.

Acquire all equipment now as opposed to when the storm is approaching. Looking into an emergency generator, plywood, nails, extra ropes to maintain hazardous materials, anchors, sand, etc. will not only give you peace of mind but ensures that these items are available to you as there will be a shorter supply in the event of a hurricane. Other necessary items include flashlights, batteries, pumps, extra fuel, duct tape, boat hooks, radios, water, drinks and, of course, food.  

Lastly, review your insurance policies and get an understanding of what is and is not covered in the likelihood of a hurricane. Once a hurricane is posted, insurance companies will not let you go forward in making any adjustments to your policy.

When a Hurricane Warning is Posted

When a hurricane warning is posted it is critical to hook up and start testing out all emergency generators within your possession. Review evacuation plans that are mandated by the Bight Marina and City of Key West. It is imperative to respect the wishes of the dockmasters and adhering to all their rules and regulations. In the event a storm is considered “dangerous” it is important to go forward in evacuating the area. Make sure the electricity and water around your slip are turned off in the event you should have to leave.

After the Hurricane

After the passing of any storm, it is important to document any damages for insurance purposes. If possible, contact your insurance agency and keep a record of exactly what type of documentation they will require. Photo documentation and video is crucial should you encounter any damage.

If live wires are not present, begin cleaning all debris. Make two piles — Debris that can be reusable and debris that will be hauled away. Volunteer to help clean up around the Bight Marina and assist in helping others to do the same. In the event of a storm, it is important to come together and work amongst each other before returning to a happy and safe establishment.

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